Power of Print in next two weeks

//Power of Print in next two weeks

Power of Print in next two weeks

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The Sydney event is on next July 10 at the Waterview at Bicentennial Park, the Brisbane event takes place Thursday July 19 at the Mecure, with the Melbourne Power of Print set for Tuesday July 24 at the Pullman Hotel.

Karen Kavanagh, marketing director with Neopost Australia explains, “Our intention this year is to bring more focus onto the business opportunity that exists in print and the opportunity for the print industry to grow revenues, increase efficiencies and explore the trends and growth areas that exist, to achieve business success.

Neopost will run a live application station to share what is possible in print and which new revenue streams to explore.

Kellie Northwood, executive director from Two Sides, will explore the future of print and share industry insights from her many conversations with print buyers, agencies, designers, marketeers and brands.

Matt Murray, general manager at Tharstern Australia, will deep dive into how MIS can improve cash flow, increase revenue, improve workflows and ultimately make better business decisions.”

James Gleeson, HP will explore the endless options in print through HP Latex.